Organic MK. II

The Organic MK. II cable is the second version of the original Organic audio cable that we launched in 2010.

The new version is – exactly as the old version – an exercise in extremely high price/performance ratio.

We use the same conductors, almost the same connectors, almost the same dielectric and the same geometry.

But why did we then choose to make a new version?

There are several reasons.

The first version of the cable was in some ways troublesome to manufacture and we wanted to straighten out these issues to enable us to continue selling the cable at the same price as we did in 2010.

This process allowed us to reconsider some of the components in the cable and we decided to make a few changes now that the chance was there.

These changes are:

  • ​Delrin/POM polymer used for the connector housing instead on aluminum
  • ​Cryo treated connectors.
  • ​Finish upgrade on the speaker cable.
  • Even lower mass dielectric – for even less conductor to dielectric interaction.​

However, the fundamental features of the cables are still the same:

  • ​99.999% pure OFC annealed copper ribbons for conductors.
  • Custom made XLR, RCA and Spade connectors with contacts made of the same type of copper as the conductors and Teflon dielectric.
  • DAD “Damped Air Dielectric” consisting of low mass fibers that have limited contact with the conductors – leading to a very low dielectric constant while still providing good damping of vibrations.
  • Geometry optimized for low capacitance.
  • No shielding – for even lower capacitance.

The Organic Connectors:

Even in todays high end market it is rare that a cable manufacturer makes their own connectors made particularly for their cables. Instead they choose a standard component made by a third party.

This leads to constrictions on the design of the cable and in many cases fit and finish that are several steps from being “high end” because they are covered in layers of heat shrink that compensate for poor strain relief and/or mismatch between the cable and the connector

As you have without doubt noticed in your trip through the audio world many cable manufactures have a very intense focus on the purity of the metal used for their conductors. leading to claims of 99.9999999% purity by some manufactures.

However, the connectors that are mounted on these high purity cable are surprisingly often made of metal that is a copper alloy such brass, bronze, and in the best cases Tellurium copper.

So, all of sudden purity is not so important anymore??

In reality the difference in conductivity between a 99.99% pure copper conductor and a 99.9999% pure conductor at room temperature is around 1% (maybe even less) but the difference between 99.99% pure copper and brass used for many connectors are at least a factor of 4.​

Yes that is right - brass has at least 4 times the resistance of regular oxygen free copper.

The reason such inferior connectors are chosen is because they are cheaper and much easier to make.

As a sign of our dedication to providing the best possible sound the connectors on our cables are made specially for the Organic Audio products.

These connectors do not use brass or any other copper alloy for contacts. Instead the contacts are made of the same type of copper used for our conductors.

For us it is actually easy to make pure copper connectors compared to what we are used to, because of our experience making connectors from pure silver for the Argento Audio products.

Further, to make sure the connector remains as sonically transparent as possible we use Teflon as the dielectric because of the very low dielectric constant of this material.

Finally, our connector design allows use to attach the XLR connectors and the positive pin in the RCA without the use of solder creating a copper to copper interface without any low conductivity intermediate metal.

Reviews of the original Organic cables


The Organic MK. II are available as:

RCA and XLR analog interconnectors, Speaker cable and power cord

Organic Reference:

The Organic Reference is the ultimate expression of the Organic audio approach.

For this cable we have incorporated some of the solutions used in the Argento Audio Flow cables and combined it with an increased number of the conductors used in the Organic MK. II cables.

With regards to the RCA and XLR interconnectors the result is a cable with 100% increase in cross-section and the dielectric components of the connectors have been replaced by the Fiber/resin parts used in the Argento Audio Flow cables.


In the speaker cable we have also doubled the cross-section but here the change is even more fundamental because we have incorporated the entire connector used on the Flow speaker cable with a contact made of pure copper instead of pure silver. 

The spade connectors are connector to the conductor by pressure instead solder to provide a copper to copper interface. Further the Organic Reference speaker cable has been separated into two separate cables for each speaker to minimize the interaction between the plus and the minus conductors.

Finally, the power cord has been upgraded with a 66% increase in cross-section for the live and the neutral and a 300% increase for the ground conductor.​

The upgrades provide an overall increase in the sound quality without compromising one area of reproduction to increase performance in another as it is so often the case when you “upgrade” and audio component.

The result is a line of cables that comes closer to the best available cables regardless of price, Organic cables are the Best Value in hi-end audio cables bar none. – providing a sound quality that really lives up to the company name – Organic, transparent and free flowing.

​Review of the Organic Reference:

The Organic Reference is available in:

RCA and XLR analog interconnectors, XLR, RCA and BNC digital interconnector, Speaker cable and power cord

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